Photoshop this picture of Rick Perry eating a corn dog and win a stack of CDs [CONTEST]

Hi y’all:

This past weekend, our fine Governor Goodhair officially announced his candidacy to run for President. Those of us here in Texas who know the truth about Rick Perry shuddered as the far right quivered in joyous anticipation. And while our conservative brethren salivated at the thought of eating more rights, Rick Perry was up at the Iowa State Fair chomping on a corn dog.

Check this pic from on flickr:


Folks, y’all know how much we at the Republic of Austin love to photoshop Rick Perry. This time we thought we’d open it to all of the lil’ dillos out there who want to celebrate all the fine things Governor Goodhair has done for Texas. And since we get a bull’s ton of CDs, our favorite will get a stack of albums from local and national musicians.


  • Contest closes Friday at 11.59PM CT.
  • Post your entry in the comments, below, or reply to our tumblr post. Be sure to enter your correct email!
  • You can find a hi-res version of the photo here.
  • Entries can be racy, but please keep them moderately SFW. That means, anything above R-Rated should be black barred in the comments, but can link to the full version :)

For inspiration, check out some of our previous Rick Perry Photoshopped Pics:

So, ready your mouses, warm up your brain, and get to editing.


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17 thoughts on “Photoshop this picture of Rick Perry eating a corn dog and win a stack of CDs [CONTEST]

  1. viper

    I think that Perry has already gotten behind a man…a young man. And that corn dog was placed elsewhere…just what I heard.


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