Austin’s Pizza Vs Home Slice Pizza: Who has the most badass fans? [PIZZA ART PICTURES]

In the last week, two totally dope Pizza-related pictures came my way that make me realize Austin is probably the coolest city on earth. And since we humans always have to have an alpha dog, I’d like to pose the question: Which Austin pizza joint is most badass? Tossing taste, flavor and service out the window (because seriously, do those things matter?), we will be judging EVERYTHING based on these two pieces of art.

CONTESTANT #1: Home Slice Pizza Tattoo

In this corner, hailing from the heart of Austin’s SoCo district is Home Slice Pizza with a fan tattoo:

Home Slice Pizza Tattoo

Aww, the splendorous red of a new tattoo. And while this is one of my favorite logos, it’s not nearly as badass as the tranny “Queen of All Pies” pizza girl that graces their signs.

Let’s hope he doesn’t give up wheat*..or diary…or carbs any time soon; otherwise, he might have to get this one covered up with a stalk of celery or whatever non-pizza eating folk eat.

CONTESTANT #2: Austin’s Pizza Bear vs Unicorn drawing

In this corner, we have Austin’s Pizza from, well, all over our great city with this totally amazeballs drawing (via Reddit):

Unicorn vs Bear at Austin's Pizza

In case you can’t read:

Dear John,

My name is Chad from Austin’s Pizza Call Center. We received your online order earlier this evening. We saw your note, “Please draw a unicorn fighting a bear on the box.” Unfortunately, our stores are not equipped to fulfill such a request. They simply do not posses the required skill. I, however, took it upon myself to draw out the picture you requested on a post-it note. I hope this suits your needs.


Chad Frierson
Austin’s Pizza
Asst Call Center Mgr

I think that is probably the most amazing customer-service thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And the art work is legit. Chad, if this Call Center thing doesn’t work out, you may have a future in graphic design. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up on a t-shirt or album.

[UPDATE: Reader Sym Prole sent us this message: “You can get your own $5 doodle on a post-it note drawn by chad at“]

Does that unicorn look like the Austin Chronicle’s Gay Place Blog mascot Dandy Unicorn to you? Wonder if he’s metaphorically fighting off the onset of Bears invading town for next week’s Bearracuda weekend.


Yeah, yeah, it’s a cop out. But I like both places for different reasons.

Seriously: Home Slice is a great place to take friends–especially those with kids. Plus, they put on a mean Carnival of Pizza. Austin’s Pizza is top-notch and perfect for those night you just can’t get off the couch.

However, now that I’m gluten free*, I’ve been hitting up Southside Flying Pizza.

And in the end, would you see pizza art like this from Dallas?

*Gluten-free peeps: The good folks over at the ATX Gluten-Free blog are having a Gluten Free Pizza Fest in February.

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2 thoughts on “Austin’s Pizza Vs Home Slice Pizza: Who has the most badass fans? [PIZZA ART PICTURES]

  1. Del

    Hey Chris,
    I just saw this on Twitter. We love it! Shoot me an email so that I can treat you to dinner. Gluten free.

    I hope the Home Slice folks ushered this gentleman into the free pizza for life club.

    Austin’s Pizza


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