Texas Tribune’s Elise Hu breaks down the 2010 Election for young voters.

Elise Hu at the Summer Bleet-up

I wish I could write something inspiring about voting. Alas, after feeling burned in the last few elections, I’ve become one of those cynical voters. For me, voting feels like something you do because you have to, kinda like robotic sex to make a bad relationship work. And no matter how realistically they moan or how convincingly I thrust, I always feel empty and used in the end.

When you have a bad relationship, you have a couple of options. First, you can break up. Sadly, politics dictate everything from how much we get taxed to who we can marry, things too important to just ignore.

Another option is to go to a couples therapist to help restore communication. In the world of politics, that trusted advisor keeping politics transparent and easy to understand is The Texas Tribune. And if anyone can help folks like me get the spark back into voting, it’s Elise Hu.

For Internet Natives who live on Facebook and YouTube, you need to check out the Texas Tribune. Truly designed to speak to folks like you and me who don’t have time to wade through the muck, it has pretty much helped me decipher the truth during this election cycle.

With her behind-the-scenes, insider style multimedia reporting, Elise represents a new type of political journalist. Inspired more by blogs than by broadcast TV, Elise speaks to young folks in a way that CNN and FOX can’t.

We caught up with Elise last night to get her final take on the upcoming election. She breaks down the differences in Republican and Democratic candidates and distills the key issues in Travis County. If you’re sitting on the fence, need more information or are feeling like you don’t want to vote, give it a listen.

  • INTERVIEW: Elise Hu translates the 2010 Election for Young Voters

Elise has to remain non-partisan, but I don’t. Here’s my soapbox:

My number 1 issue is Proposition 1. Prop 1 would help ease transportation problems in the city, with large funds being set aside for new streets, bike paths, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Check out this video for more information:

Also, remember that our current governor is a closet werewolf who is ruining the image of Texas around the country. He’s also pocketing large amounts of money from his buddies and then rewarding them with overpriced contracts. Oh yeah, and he’s also pissing our money on that lavish home in West Austin, spending more per month than most Hollywood celebs pay on their own homes.

Alright. Rock the vote, people. And be sure you pick up one of them cool “I Voted” stickers!!

Oh yeah, Texas Tribune is having a 1-year anniversary party-slash-Election Watching Party tonight at the ArtHouse from 7PM until Midnight. You can buy tickets here. Check it:


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4 thoughts on “Texas Tribune’s Elise Hu breaks down the 2010 Election for young voters.

  1. Jason Stoddard

    Love your passion Chris. I just wish you had a clue about economics. None the less, thanks for your activism.

    • Chris Apollo Lynn

      Haha! Thanks, Jason! It’s funny because I’m very conservative when it comes to personal economics: I don’t use credit cards and only buy things that I can afford. Government, however, needs to provide more for the people. Wish they’d figure out how to do it like they do in Europe!

  2. Tolly

    Thank you, Chris and Elise! I love this interview, and Elise does such a good job of laying out the issues in “real people” language. I wish there was a website that hyperlinked to each candidate’s page — the current voting site lists all the candidates, of course, but it would be nice to require them to have a website, so we could go acquaint ourselves with them. There are so many State Reps in Texas! It’s hard to make an informed decision sometimes for those guys/gals especially.

    Maybe in the future! For now, we are so lucky to have this kind of information (i.e., this precise interview) available to Austin’s younger electorate. Thank you again, both of you!

    • Chris Apollo Lynn

      Hey Tolly. I *love* Elise. She’s my go-to-girl for everything on politics.

      I wish politicians all had good websites, but, hell, we can’t even get Rick Perry to agree to debate Bill White. *sigh* Thank goodness there’s the Texas Tribune :)


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