Elisa Jimenez is more than a fashion designer, she’s a magician.

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting NY “celebrity” designer, Elisa Jimenez at the Flash Pop-Up Store at W3LL PEOPLE.  I was really looking forward to meeting Elisa ever since I saw her on my beloved Project Runway – you might remember her as the designer who did the spit marking or marking spots – AND I recently found out she was named by Vogue as one of today’s emerging designers.


Phot taken from Project Runway episode

She was a delightful person with an infectious personality.  When I first got to the site, I was a little disappointed the Pop-up Store wasn’t ready, but that quickly disappeared once Elisa asked me to “play” in her clothes.  Very happy girl here :)


The start of something magical, "playing" with her designs before the Pop-Up got crazy

I was impressed with her unfinished raw materials and whimiscal patterns, that included 80’s rock and horse patterns.  There was even one top she was showing that she describes as a type of “dream catcher,” that brings good thoughts and inspiration to the person wearing it. Her designs have been praised for celebrating the female form – encouraging women to embrace their bodies and the change that comes with age – this idea was completely clear in her collection.


The Pop-Up Store also featured pieces from the Hunger World, her spontaneous couture and one-of-a-kind “ready-mades” which she’s built her 14-year career. They are all hand wrought, hand drawn and imbibed with scented oils.

What you might not know is that Elisa is an artist, turned accidental designer.  Years ago she was actually stopped in NY on the street when a woman gushed about the dress she had on wanting to know who designed it. Turns out it was Elisa’s design and poof! She started making wearable art for a private client base that has grown to include  Marisa Tomei, Courtney Love, Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lisa Bonet.


While Elisa doesn’t have any other shows during  this year’s Austin Fashion Week, she does plan to come back very soon.  As UT alum, she has a special place in her heart for Austin and is always inspired by our laid back and embracing vibe.

What do you think about Elisa’s designs?

Do you remember seeing her on Project Runway?

Who are you most excited about seeing during Austin Fashion Week?

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    • Linsey Krauss

      Unfortunately, she already skipped town :( but her shirts are awesome and the writing is written backwards so you can read them in a mirror, so very personalized…I’ll keep you posted on when she’s back in town!! Thanks for reading, Diya


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