Is Texas Tribune’s Elise Hu The New Face of Political Journalism?

Elise Hu from the Texas Tribune

Elise Hu, political reporter from the Texas Tribune

Last night’s Republican Gubernatorial Debate officially kicks off what may be a very muddy campaign season. But at least this year there’s a new team in town to help sift the muck from the WTF: The Texas Tribune.

Founded last summer and launched this fall, The Texas Tribune represents the next step in journalism, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. For me, they are trying to do for political reporting what we at Republic of Austin are trying to do with lifestyle reporting: break down the barriers between audience and news to make it more inclusive, transparent and community-focused.

But don’t let media theory make it sound stuffy. It’s not. Because it’s blogged and videoed, The Texas Tribune is made for our generation. It’s digestible, has a unique voice and more importantly, it’s very well done.

Behind the scenes at the GOP Gubernatorial Debate--from The Texas Tribune

Before the holidays, we had the chance to meet up with Elise Hu, political reporter for the Texas Tribune. She handles a lot of their multimedia stuff, including her kick-a video series HuTube.  With its behind the scenes, all access feel, HuTube breathes new life into political journalism, a genre of reporting that is usually full of blowhard talking heads.  And Elise’s personality connects with the viewer instead of just talking at us.  When you watch the video, below, I think you’ll see what I mean.

The staff of Republic of Austin wishes The Texas Tribune much success and love in 2010!

WATCH: In the video, below, Elise tells us how the the Texas Tribune is different from mainstream publications, what the switch from old media to new was like, and why politics are still important in 2010.

EXPERIENCE: Check out Texas Tribune’s Liveblogged coverage of the Republican Gubernatorial Debate. And def check out Elise’s HuTube post “GOP Debate Behind the Scenes.”

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